Last week I went for a coffee in Covent Garden with Philip ‘Beau’ Crangi, founder of NY Jewellery label, Giles & Brother. Beau believes that jewellery is how women tell their story and their personal history, and he got involved in designing it because he wanted to be part of that…

Beau and his sister, Giles (hence the name) run the company between them from their eclectic studio in Manhattan’s ‘no mans land’ on 29th street.

Seeing as he’s one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met and he picked such an unexpected location to base his company, I wanted to find out his secret places in NYC - avoiding the usual hipster hotspots, here are 5 that came to mind…

1) Metalliferous "This big old jewelers supply store hidden deep in the diamond district of Manhattan is huge and has a room upstairs where you can dig around for trinkets for hours"

2) The Oyster Bar “Down in the vaults under Grand Central Station, this restaurant has hundreds of different types of Oysters and they’re the best in Manhattan. New York City is built on a giant Oyster Bed so it’s the place to eat them”

3) Left Bank Books “A charming New York vintage book store, brimming with first editions, I get lost for hours in there and leave with ridiculous amounts of old paperbacks”

4) Keens Steak House “The oldest steak house in Manhattan, I know everywhere claims that, but this one actually is. It was Abraham Lincoln’s favourite restaurant, and now it’s mine, it has such a great atmosphere”

5) Odin “A menswear store which carries great brands like Engineered Garments which I am obsessed with and they stock, Shipley Halmos I just bought some of their Italian grey classic suede hiking boots from there - which I love”

Check out Giles & Brother jewellery at Liberty London and